Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welcome to 2012! Time for a new year, new resolutions, and a lot more fun!

2011 was a big year for us, after 3 years of talking about it, we moved back to our hometown! Our son started kindergarten, our 1st daughter started a new preschool, and the baby turned 1. While I miss my perfect house and my fabulous friends, it was the right choice for us at this point in our lives. It is wonderful to be in a smaller community surrounded by our parents, who can now participate in their grandkids lives and have a relationship with them they otherwise never would have been able to have! Perfect :)

1. Freezer Cooking. I have on and off always {since having baby #1} filled my freezer with meals for "a rainy day". 2011 I started to take that to a whole new level after discovering the blog OAMM. I don't use all the recipes, but it's a great start for ideas! I love planning my monthly menu ONCE, spending a day feeling like I can actually cook, and then for the rest of the month enjoying the easy life of just pulling out the meal and baking it. done.

2. Cupcakes. yum, I love cupcakes. Last year I got hooked. This year I want to perfect. My sister graduates in May and she has asked me to make mini cupcakes for her party. Now to find my favorites, perfect them, and create for her party!

3. Pretend to like cooking. While with Once a Month Cooking I spend one day a month pretending to like cooking, I'd like to try to expand on it...and exploring new recipes to get our family out of the same old boring routine...wish me luck

4. Non Kitchen Fun. To sit down and play with my kids more. The laundry can wait, as the kids grow too fast! To have fun sewing, love it. To organize my life/home. To turn our new {6 months living here} house into our home, even if we do only plan to live here for a few {2-5} years.

Bring on 2012!
*Sorry for the poor quality phone picture, but this is my new toy :)

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